The main objective of the project is to develop smart co-delivery theranostic nanoplatforms, needed to resolve the target delivery problems and therapeutic procedures issues in breast cancer.

The key parameters in the behavior of co-encapsulated functionalized nanosystems are related to biological responses to the surface chemistry, size, ability to retain and release drugs and to provide information at the cellular level. In this context the specific objectives will be the following:

Objective 1

Synthesis of new magnetic theranostic nanosystems (MTN) loaded with 2 chemotherapeutic agents, a fluorescent marker and magnetic material.

Objective 2

Physico-chemical, structural and morphological evaluation of MTN.

Objective 3

Biological evaluation and testing of MTN. In vitro and in vivo analyses.

Objective 4

Functionality evaluation of newly developed nanosystems as theranostic platform in breast cancer therapy.

Objective 5

Results dissemination in the scientific community.